Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Dr. Laura Maciuika

Dr. Laura Maciuika is a first generation Lithuanian-American who spoke Lithuanian at home and English outside; she is a clinical psychologist by training, and an integrative healer by vocation. She found herself bridging realities during her psychology training, as she also trained in energy psychology techniques and healing modalities from different parts of the world at the same time. This led her to end up with a integrative approach to emotional healing, using the best of what works from many traditions and approaches.

She was often told she should “write a book” about her work and techniques, however with so many other “self help” style books would could she add to the book pile? However as she read and learned she realize that most of these books were about stress from the outside, how to make you day better planned etc, not many of them looked at stress from the inside and how you could avoid the traps that lead to a stressful life.

Dr Laura took on more of a musical metaphor: “while there are only so many notes in any musical scale, composers are still able to create new songs that touch and move some people”.

Dr Laura knew she could write a book that she believed was valuable, and some people would connect with her message, just like some people will connect more with one song than another. That made a book project both doable and inspiring. The result of which is her book “Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry

Conscious Calm: Keys to Freedom from Stress and Worry is a practical guide to help people get free from hidden inner stress traps. The book combines psychology, neuroscience and information from both East and West. It describes 9 Stress Secrets that people need to know to stop falling into internal stress traps, and 9 Keys to Conscious Calm for lasting stress relief. The book shows people step by step how avoid stress traps and experience more inner peace and greater happiness in their lives.

Simply substituting positive thinking for negative thinking usually won’t work without some attention paid to the emotions underneath. With attention on the feelings that are present about the situation or challenge, there is a greater chance for actual stress relief, and for feeling better overall. Emotions can signal what we need or want in the moment. When we turn our attention toward emotions instead of pushing them away or distracting from them, we can connect better with what we want or need. When combined with a more positive approach to thinking and to our internal self talk, then stress relief and other positive shifts are much more possible, and actually easier. It’s just that positive thinking alone isn’t enough.

It is am sure a book that many will find helpful in these modern stressful times.

So listen now and share an interesting,and entertaining thirty minutes with my guest Dr. Laura Maciuika.

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