Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Kenny Scudero

My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is debut author Kenny Scudero chatting about his debut book “Comfortably Awkward

Kenny is a twenty-two-years-old who graduated from St. John’s University in May of last year. He’s been writing short-stories and anything that comes to my mind since I was about six-years-old. He’s always loved to write while sitting in school because he’d be bored and imagine being somewhere else. Then, write about the places he’d rather be.

His love of writing as well his love of sports carried on through University where he majored in Sport Management, also though at St. John’s, Kenny was Sports Editor for the University newspaper.

After graduating from St. John’s, Kenny had trouble finding a job and wrote “Comfortably Awkward” based off that frustration.

About “Comfortably Awkward”

Comfortably Awkward centers around Albert Ferenzo whose life is a series of ironic events that may or may not have a reason behind them. While struggling to find a niche for himself, Albert blames the corporate world for hindering his dream of making money and living a prosperous life. After playing the good guy his entire life, Albert decides that the only way to get ahead in the world is to be the bad guy. Albert questions his own fate as he drives himself to insanity in an effort to find happiness. The destinies of Albert and everyone around him intertwine as he finally realizes what life is all about or at least, he thinks he does in this revolt against normality.

As on reviewer out it…

I was searching for something different to read and a friend suggested Comfortably Awkward by the young author, Kenny Scudero. To my surprise I found myself amused by his funny stories and could identify with feeling uncomfortable in the corporate environment during my early employment years. It was amazing to learn about his love interest's parents and their views on the relationship. I thought mine were the only ones who thought that way. I mostly read this book during my commute to and from work and actually did not want my stop to come because I wanted to continue reading on. Overall I would recommend this book. Mr. Scudero is funny, witty and genuine. Am really looking forward to reading the next project from this author.

So listen now and share an interesting,and entertaining thirty minutes with my guest Kenny Scudero

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