Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Jodi Ambrose

Sometimes it takes a book, no matter how short or in whatever form to bring some sense and understanding into your or others lives. We hear about people in an abusive relationship or suffering from illness or alcoholism. Then there is senselessness of some men to their woman, and visa-versa.

My guest on today’s show Jodi Ambrose has written a wonderful booklet called “Sex: How to get more of it” a guy’s roadmap to paradise in and out of the bedroom.

The book is a masterpiece in a few pages, from the twenty items to make your life into a win/win situation with your partner to the laugh out loud humor as Jodi goes into each of the items sharing what we all know but in many cases are either to blind or reluctant to see.

The booklet for it is just a small read ideal to be left in the bathroom (perhaps then your other half might remember to out the seat down … item 6… ) to be read in those small quiet moments. As Jodi shared during a truly entertaining thirty minutes, the book is being purchased by both men and woman.. The woman seem to read it first have a good laugh then leave it around for their other half to pick up and perhaps learn a lesson or two.

And ladies… you are not going to get away with this either as Jodi shared her next book is aimed at the female side of the relationship… (a good stocking stuffer for Christmas…in many ways)

One item that we never got time to chat about is the great drinking game that you can play with copies of the book at the next girls night or hen party…

I’ll let Jodi explain the rules…

Here's a great way to have a blast at your bachelorette party or other fun girlie event.

Each girl at your party gets a copy of the book. Then, you each take turns reading an item from "The List". If your significant other follows the suggestion in The List, you DRINK! The better your man, the drunker you get!

You also earn a point for each good-boy behavior he exhibits, so someone needs to keep a tally. The winner should get some kind of deliciously naughty gift with which to entice her man. Toys, lingerie, a hot sex coupon name it!

One comment to this game from an aching but happy lady…

I loved it! My best friend bought the book for my bachelorette party. We had a contest using the list of 20 things to make your girl happy from the book to see who had the best boyfriend. My fiance came in second. Oh well. Now at least he'll know what to do because I gave him the book to read too. Thanks for the fun! We laughed so hard my stomach hurt and oh did we all have hangovers!"

The show was great fun as well as I hope educational, and I'm looking forward to having Jodi back on the show in november to chat about her new book, looking tat the female side.

So listen now and share an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Jodi Ambrose".


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