Thursday, August 4, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Helen Laibach

My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is Helen Laibach, always interested in writing she eventually graduated in psychology.

She quickly realized that her plans to be a “Marriage, child, and family counselor” did not suit her temperament. So instead she began a family and chose a more satisfying career as an executive assistant. Helen is an avid reader and very talented nature photographer.

She wrote her debut book “A Soul Less Broken” over eleven years ago, though after the days of rejections both in having the book published and getting an agent, the book, then under another name laid on the shelf.

This was not forgotten by her son who at least once a year asked his mother “So Mom, when are you going to publish your book?”

As times change and publishing with the development of e-books and the internet independent publishing has become much easier and much more common and that was the route she decided to take.

About “A Soul Less Broken”:

It's about the struggles and triumphs of the main character Catherine, as she recovers from being brutally attacked and left for dead.

She falls in love with the emergency room physician who treats her, but quickly realizes that she is so emotionally scarred from the attack that her only choice is to push away the one man who truly loves her.

Then just when her life is finally beginning to heal, she learns that her dearest friend has terminal cancer. So it's about love, loss, the enduring strength of friendship between women, and the power of love.

At the end of the day, love really can overcome anything.

As “Pacific Book Reviews” put it…

"... In Laibach's skillful hands, the psychological impacts are brought home in a frightening way. Its characters will touch readers at a deep level. Yes, this book is also a love story, but certainly not in the conventional sense. It will haunt you long after you turn the final page..."

As we learned during the show, a follow up novel “A Soul to be Forgiven” is already underway and I’m sure we’ll hear a lot more from this talented author.

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Helen Laibach".


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