Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Tina Field Howe

Corning in the past has been famous for its glass ware, but after October 16th all that will change, as that is the launch date for the now “award winning” audio book of "Alysa of the Fields".

My guest today “Tina Field Howe” was the guest on one of the earliest “A Book and a Chat” shows where she shared with us, not only about herself and her children book, but also then her latest release the first two book in the Xunar-Kun series. At the time we chatted about how she had one a grant to produce the first book as an audio book.

Since that time, both Tina and the wonderful cast who appear in the audio book have appeared on the show, and I also made the trip to Corning last December to meet the cast and take part in the first public presentation of the audio.

Now the final version of “Alysa of the Fields Audio Book” celebrates its launch on October 16th, where it all started in Corning NY. I might add this will be a great gift for people of any ages!

As normal chatting with Tina is not only enjoyable but a pleasure, learning about the way the book has grown into this final article. Not just a final article but an award winning final article.

As Tina shared with us, she will be attending a banquet in Las Vegas on November 6th, where "Alysa of the Fields Audio Book" will receive the 2010 Readers Favorite Gold in the Audio Book category.

Not only that but the second book in the series, “The TrailFolk of Xunar-kun” has won the Silver in the Sci-fi/Fantasy Book Category!

So sit back and enjoy a wonderful thrity minutes as we get the latest new about Tina and "Alysa of the Fields Audio Book" on a "Book and a Chat with Tina Field Howe".


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