Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Klarque Garrison

Born in LA, raised by a single mom, who made up for the lack of education with unconditional love, Klarque Garrison did not choose to be an author, it chose him. After many years as a successful real estate investor, the recession not only turned his life upside down, but started him on the path to realization that the inner voice which had always been needed to be listened to.

In his book “How to survive the next 365” Klarque takes the reader on a journey of understanding that it’s you the reader who truly hold the answers for a better life. His book is not one of those “7 steps to a better life” type of cure all books, it is no magic answer to how to have a better life. As we talked about on the program, everybody’s life is different with many ups and downs along the way.

What it does do is show you that there is no one way to reach greatness. We all have our paths and must find that path alone. Nobody knows what is inside each one of us. What it does do is enable you ask the right questions in order to find the one true answer!

How to survive the next 365” provides real life accounts of success failure and a combination of both, in a way to help you the reader.

During the show Klarque shared with us much about how the book came about and how it is something that can help each one of us find listen to that inner voice and start finding our own way to a better life.

So sit back and enjoy an entertaining thirty minutes of a "Book and a Chat with Klarque Garrison".


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