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A Book and a Chat with Jared Aragona

It is a while since I interviewed a person working on what can only be called an “epic saga” a term that many relate to some of the older books on mythology such as Beowulf. My guest today, not only has written the first three parts of such a saga, but the fact he also teaches “World Mythology” could point to the fact that these three parts will merge into one of the most epic science fantasy saga’s of all times.

Jared Aragona is author of the contemporary fantasy/sci fi book series Stories from the Circle and is a professor of English at Scottsdale Community College in Arizona where he teaches World Mythology.

"Stories from the Circle" is an adventure that takes readers to other worlds. Earth is just one world in a Great Circle of Worlds, and the series allows readers to observe those other worlds without the intrusion of humans because the Caretakers of Existence, the heroes at the heart of the stories, travel in consciousness to selves that concurrently exist on those other worlds. The books of the series allow readers to imagine the details of a greater macrocosmic system in the universe.

Those who enjoy reading fantasy fiction that takes the reader on a supernatural journey in consciousness will enjoy the hero quests of the Caretakers.

Jared started writing the first part of the “Stories from the Circle” in 1990, honing his skills over the years before going back to school in 1995 where further years of studying literature and mythology eventually led Jared to a Ph.D in English from the University of Arizona

So far there are three book in this nine book series.

Book 1 “Know Thyself” is a good introductory book that begins on Earth and eases you into a much more complicated galaxy of weird and wonderful planets. Interestingly written in 1st person and the text is directed at another character, Miles Dean (the guiding caretaker in this book) is writing to Luzciel to recruit her.

Book 2 “The Story from Riesa” takes you to the first of the different planets, with the main characters inhabiting a native from each place.

Book 3 “The Story from Oxinopses”, the 3rd and final book of this set takes you to yet another planet and is thought by many to be the best book so far.

To aid with reading these first three books, Jared shared how he has now brought them all together in a one new book Stories from the Circle: Apprentice a book that would make a great gift.

So sit back and enjoy a wonderful thirty minutes as we get the latest news about Jared and the "Stories from the Circle" series on a "Book and a Chat with Jared Aragona".


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