Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Ann Jamieson

Ann Jamieson my guest on today's "A Book and a Chat" first started riding when she was five, from there she's not only become a rider of note but also a United States Equestrian Federation horse show judge licensed in hunters, jumpers and hunt seat equitation. She owns and shows her own horses in the amateur hunter divisions, and enjoys reschooling ex-racehorses for new careers.

She has written many articles for newspapers and magazine, but it took years of hearing stories about horses and riders before she finally realized that here was a book waiting to be written.

Ann has so far written three books in her “For the Love of a Horse” series, each one full of stories about horses and their riders, from the back yard pet to the horse of the year, Ann shares heartwarming true stories and explores the amazing bond between horses and people.

During the show she related to us numerous stories like the one about Crisco, the little pony who got stuck in a tree, Iroquois who was rescued from a slaughter house and has taken his owner to the highest levels of the show jumping world and stoic Soldier, who allowed his elderly owner to continue riding until the end of his life. The stories go on and on.

We talked about how things have changed from when she produced her first book and the various location were surprised it was not a “How To” book, until now when you contacts a shop they are actually more pleased to have another release of these wonderful stories.

Ann’s first book was closely followed by a second and third, and though she is taking a year off from writing to enjoy more competing with her horses, I am sure next year there will be a fourth book.

The “For the Love of a Horse” series are not only for dyed-in-the-wool horse lovers. It also serves as a bridge for those who love someone who loves horses, to help foster a better understanding of what that passion is all about. And for those who are just plain animal lovers, it helps bring greater awareness of why horses are such special friends.

So sit back and enjoy an entertaining thirty minutes of a "Book and a Chat with Ann Jamieson".


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