Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Natashya Wilson - Senior editor at Harlequin Teen

My guest today on “A Book and a Chat” is not an author, nor a blogger; instead I am very proud to say that Natashya Wilson, senior editors at Harlequin Teen dropped by to chat this morning.

In August 2009, a month ahead of its original planned launch date, Harlequin launched its newest imprint “Harlequin Teen”. With the seismic sales of teen series such as Twilight, and the worldwide growth in the YA market, it was time for Harlequin to join the fast expanding YA market.

Far from being just a watered down version on the senior romance novel, the titles being offered by Harlequin Teen have proved so popular that they now have over one million books in print, with three titles produced in2009 they are set to publish sixteen in 2010.

During a hugely entertaining and enlightening show, Natashya shared with us how the giant oak is growing from the acorn of an idea.

The first two books published “Rachel Vincent’s – My Soul to Take” and “Gena Showalter’s – Intertwined” have lead to not only further books in those series but other “must read” YA novels such as “Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Fey” series (one close to Natashya’s heart) and now the “Marsha Warner’s – Greek” books based on the ABC TV show.

With a YA market set to grow by a whopping 30.6% by 2013, and YA science fiction sales anticipated to reach $861 million, the lure of escaping into a good YA book is undeniable.

Natashya shared with us much of her knowledge and enthusiasm for not just the Harlequin Teen books and authors, but for the whole YA fiction genre, from readers and bloggers to authors themselves. The way the readership crosses age groups, why people are reading more and more YA novels and what might be the next “super sellor”.

The chat ranged cross so many topics there is more than can be listed in this small blog. So sit back and enjoy today’s throughly enjoyable “A Book and a Chat with Natashya Wilson”.


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