Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Tom Weston

My guest tonight, Tom Weston used to be a successful CEO of a consulting company, doing the rounds as conference speaker and writer of industry articles and business books. Then he visited Luxembourg.

From that trip the germ of an idea for a story was born, which developed when Tom returned to Boston, into not only his first YA novel "FIRST NIGHT" but also into his latest novel "The Elf of Luxembourg".

As Tom shared with us during the show the development of the characters and the story line of both books have not been as planned with characters making themselves known and leading him along different paths to the ones he set out to write.

Classed as a “History Mystery” both books allow Tom to fill the story with education as well as adventure.

Tom shared with us, how a trip around the Granary Burying Ground on Boston, not only lead to finding the name of the ghost who shares the plot on “First Night” but also how her age and the period when she lived helped shape more of the story.

Tom’s latest book "The Elf of Luxembourg", brings in a character which almost takes over the story from Jackie and Alex the heroes of the series, when they meet Cuchaquicha. His desire to be reunited with his wife and son connects Alex and Jackie to the past, but it is also a love story that readers get to see unfold as the book progresses.

From writing to producing an animated movie, through making calendars and even jigsaw related to his work, the show was a fascinating and entertaining thirty minutes.

So sit back and listen to “A Book and a Chat with Tom Weston


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