Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark)

My guest on tonight’s show was Adele Walsh, creator of the great YA blog "Persnickety Snark".

I am really glad to finally manage to get Adele as a guest we have planned a couple of other appearances, but illness and then a move from Australia to Japan have delayed Adele being a guest up to now.

Yes that's right she dialed into the show from Japan.

Adele is Australian teacher currently living in Shizuoka, Japan. She has taught for the past six years in Australian classrooms but is now taking a year off this year to teach Japanese kindergarteners.

As she shared on the program one of the reason she started her blog was to try and bring more books and the works of YA authors into Australia.

Adele and her blog Persnickety Snark (remember the name when voting for next year’s blogger awards) is one of the "Sham wow" YA bloggers that I try and support whenever I can. Back in 2009 when she started the blog her aim was...

The aim for Persnickety Snark is that it be a home for YA (Young Adult literature) reviews and authors interviews with an emphasis on Australian authors. I offer constructive and honest reviews as well as in depth interviews, thought provoking discussion posts and an unique perspective".

She does that and so much more.

During the show as well as discussing how Skippy he kangaroo could be the Australian version of Lassie, we discussed how she is creating a YA top 100 of all time. With over 700 people taking up the challenge, I’m sure the outcome will be interesting as well as in some cases surprising.

The show was an entertaining thirty minutes as Adele shared with us her views and some of her favorite authors on today’s “A Book and a Chat with Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark)".

So why not stop by and listen to show now, or else download it and play it when you have a few moments.


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"A Book and a Chat with Adele Walsh (Persnickety Snark) "

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You can find out more about Adele and her blog at:
"Persnickety Snark"

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