Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Michele Corriel

Tonight's show was visited by another of the wonderful Class of 2K10 debut authors, Michele Corriel.

Michele is an award-winning journalist, columnist and freelance writer. During her eleven years as a newspaper journalist, she garnered First Place awards from the Montana Newspaper Association and was recognized by the National Newspaper Association.

One of the other items that Michelle has introduced and that we chatted about during the show is the Paper Towel Poetry dispenser. Standing 5 feet tall on a leg of its own, a simple paper towel dispenser awaits to dab a taker with poetry after lured by the words, “Poetry Dispenser. Please Take One".

Michele explained during the show how this idea came about and the response she has received from sharing not only her own work but that of other poets.

Michele's book Fairview Felines: A Newspaper Mystery is due out in July, so right now I do not have a book cover to share with you. However Michele did chat with us, how the book came about, the trials of getting it published and how being part of the SCBWI aided the path to publication. We also chatted about other projects she is working on.

Fairview Felines: A Newspaper Mystery
(Blooming Tree/Tire Swing Press, July 2010) is the first in a series of middle grade mysteries based on the main character, Thomas Weston, who loves everything about newspapers, inky fingers and all. He dreams of having his own newspaper at school, so when all the cats in his town of Fairview start disappearing, he figures he can prove himself and solve the mystery. Oh, yeah, and he thinks in these really funny headlines.

I am sure that while Michele book is a Mid-grade novel it will be enjoyed by people of all ages, so look out for Fairview Felines: A Newspaper Mystery when it hits the shelves in July. And before then why not listen and enjoy tonight’s “A Book and a Chat with Michele Corriel”.

During the show I kept thinking that the hero of Michele's book sounded familiar, then suddenly remembered after the show that my guest on last Tuesday's was "Tom Weston" hows that for planning?


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