Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vega

On today's "A Book and a Chat" is young author Estevan Vega and his now novel "Arson".

While in elementary school, Estevan wrote short stories for class, and to his surprise, did rather well. His love and discipline for fiction launched his desire to become a fulltime writer. When he was fifteen, Estevan published “Servant of the Realm,” his first novel. In August 2007, “The Sacred Sin” was published.

His new novel “Arson” is not a story of horror and terror, well not in the Stephen King format of horror stories; however it does tell a story of two young people whose lives are basically torture and torment. A story-lines that dwells somewhere in between fiction and reality.

The demons in the book are not monsters or murders, but rather inner demons. The book covers many issues that young adults face: peer pressure, uncertainty, family conflict and insecurity. With elements of suspense and terror as well as romance it is a book that will leave the reader wanting more.

During the show Estevan shared with us how this story as well as his writing style developed, enabling him to exercise some of his own ghost and feelings along the way.

While it is a schange in style from “The Sacred Sin”, the response Estevan has received from new readers and previous followers alike is a sign of just how far this young author can go. I for one can’t wait for the follow up novel.
So why not listen now to an entertaining thirty minutes of “A Book and a Chat with Estevan Vaga”.


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