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A Book and a Chat with Shari Maurer

I am very pleased to have another one of the 2010 debut YA author, the wonderful Shari Maurer and her novel "Change of Heart".

According to her family history, Shari has been reading since the age of three, or so the story goes. Not only that but writing to authors as well, even if they were dead.

Throughout her life hearts have played a great part in Shari’s life, from being born near Valentine’s Day and her marriage to her doctor husband. This and the illness of her own daughter lead her co-author of "The Parents' Guide to Children's Congenital Heart Defects," published by Three Rivers Press in 2001.

During the show Shari shared with us what lead to the production of this book and how the book was aimed to help and educate also the fact that an updated second addition might be on its way soon.

Following the heart theme Shari has produced her first YA novel “Change of Heart

When you’re 16 years old, it never occurs to you that you might die. Emmi Miller’s got a fabulous life. She has tons of friends, does great in school and is an all-star soccer player who played in Europe last summer. It even looks like Sam Hunter, a totally cute baseball player, might be interested in her. And then she gets a virus. No biggy, right? Until the virus goes to her heart and weakens it so much that, without a transplant, Emmi will die.

Will Emmi get a heart in time? Is Sam too good to be true? What about her new friend Abe, who has also had a transplant and guides her through these scary times — is he just being supportive or is there more going on between them? And will Emmi realize it before it’s too late?

It is a book filled with reality, a heart gripping and honest story that young adults and not so young will be able to read, enjoy and relate to.

One of the items that Shari shared with us as we chatted during a very enjoyable and entertaining sixty minute show was her support or organ donation. As Shari told us, 18 people die per day due to lack of a potential donor. Shari has been working with Donate Life as part of her book release to try and get more people to become organ donors.

You can find out more about this at

Today’s show is one that people will not only enjoy but also make them think. A Book and a Chat with Shari Maurer is something to listen to and enjoy.


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