Thursday, May 6, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Amy Brecount White

It is always good to have a previous guest back on the show to find out the latest news on their book, and perhaps what they will next be producing. Today is was the return of Amy Brecount White and her wonderful book "Forget-Her-Nots".

It was really interesting to hear how Forget-Her-Nots, though considered a YA novel, is being enjoyed by ages 12 & up, which in some people's eyes puts the book into the younger YA category. She shared how many people — especially parents, booksellers, and librarians — have told her they’re grateful for that!

Amy shared with us some of the reponses she's had from people of all ages to her book, and some of the questions and comments that have been put to her.

During the show Amy shared how some of the most amazing and enthusiastic fan letters for Forget-Her-Nots have come from 11-year-old girls who are strong readers and long to be reading up. In Laurel, the books main character, they find a heroine they can relate to.

We also learned a little about Amy's next book "String Theories".

So if you want to find out the latest news on Amy and her wonderful book, listen to tonight's "A Book and a Chat with Amy Brecount White"


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