Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Robert Boich

A Book and a Chat with Robert Boich.

Along the way through the 160 odd shows I have been lucky enough to host, there has been a sprinkling dealing with abuse all be it sexual, religious or as in today’s show alcohol and substance abuse. My guest on today’s show however looks at the issue in a slightly different way in his book “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!: A Bridge from Addiction to Early Recovery”

While there are many books dealing with the subject of alcohol and substance abuse, rather than deep discussion on the spiraling down to the bottom of the bottle as many books do, the story instead focuses more on the changes that are necessary in order to live a sober life style.

During the show Robert shared how the keeping of journals and short essays he had written during this period lead to his production of “Excuse me your life is waiting. We discussed the almost healing process that there is in sharing what went on during this period in Roberts life as well as how he hopes that putting his issues down in the book will help others.

Indeed Robert told us that he has received not only comments from those going through such a recovery but also from others who just found what was discussed in the book, could also relate to their everyday lives.

Robert told us about his next work a novel based on World War I and the battle of Verdun, and how much he has enjoyed the knowledge gathering for this book.

The thirty minutes show is one you will find enlightening as well as entertaining.

So sit back and enjoy a “A Book and a Chat with Robert Boich”.


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"A Book and a Chat with Robert Boich"

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"Robert Boich - Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting!"

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