Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Book and a Chat with "Michele Cameron"

My guest on today's show was born just down the road from me here in Connecticut before graduating to become an English teacher, which she still is to this present day. Today's guest is the one and only Michele Cameron (that's Michele with one "L").

Michele, was a popular guest when she appeared on the show previously, so far had four books published, including her latest novel novel "Unclear and Present Danger". Her books have always been popular, covering many aspects of life each one though romance based, always covers some other part of every day living. This ranges from international marriage, to health care issues.

Once again Michele proved a great guest sharing incites on both life and her writing, along with what she is currently working on right now. From her books "Moments of Clarity" , "Never Say Never"

, when "Lightning Strikes", to her latest novel each novel has grown in stature and popularity. We also heard about the issues she's had with book titles, which is why her current work is "shhhhh" secret.

A book and a chat with Michele Cameron is always a fun filled show, a must for any reader looking for a great thirty minutes broadcast to learn from and to share

So why not listen now or else down load the link and listen to the show later.

"A Book and a Chat with Michele Cameron"


Direct link to the show
"A Book and a Chat with Michele Cameron"

or you can download the mp3 file of the show from
"Michele Cameron"

You can find out more about Michele and her books at:
"Michele Cameron - Unclear and Present Danger"

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