Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Book and a Chat with U.L. Harper

My guest on the show today has come a long way since teachers told him he could not be allowed to take a creative writing class. U.L. Harper has come a long way since those days. His current novel "The Flesh Statue" shows just how far.

U.L. went to college for journalism, getting literary feet wet at UCLA (University of Cypress Lincoln Avenue). His writing developed, as U.L shared with us, through the realms of a part time slam poet, moving around different cities cursing at the audience in the name of art and style. From there his writing continued as Editor in Chief for the Cypress Chronicle.

"The Flesh Statue" is a novel that touches many if life’s issues, many of which U.L shared with us during the show, from Alzheimer’s, which leaves the books main characters Langely’s Grandfather sitting like a statue made of flesh (hence the book title).

Subjects such as abortion, abuse, death, graffiti, neighborhood watch groups and the police fill the pages of this interesting, entertaining and poignant novel. As “The Flesh Statue” follows Langley on this search for answers, and the array of characters he meets along the way.

As U.L shared during the show, there is another novel in the pipe line and I’m sure we’ll hear pleny more about my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat with U.L. Harper"

So why not sit back and listen to the show or else download it and share the broadcast at another time.


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