Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Swati Avasthi

Swati Avasthi
was my guest of today's A Book and a Chat, one of the wonderful group of authors who have there debut novel in 2010.

Her novel “Split” is a powerful story, centering on a teenage victim of domestic violence, something, as we heard from Sawti, and discussed in some details she has some knowledge of. Not to her personally I might add, but from her days coordinating at a domestic violence legal clinic.

While there are specific incidents that inspired the story even shaped the way she conceived of the book. It also enabled her to put faces on what she felt was more like an abstract problem. Swati explained during the show, that working with such victims she’d found It was incredibly moving --- both inspiring and heartbreaking.
During the show we learned how Swati had from the age of five wanted to write, and how, after the birth of her first child she’d gone back to writing currently completing her MFA at the University of Minnesota.

As well as her book “Split” in a very entertaining sixty minute show, we also heard about her work along with Heather Bouwman in The Second Story Reading Series. This is a bi-monthly series giving voice to new young adult and middle grade authors, by pairing them with an established author at presentations.

From abuse to Hanna Montana, from emotional relationships to her new work "Bidden", the show covered all areas, as Swathi Avasthi was my guest on today’s thoroughly entertaining “A Book and a Chat


Direct link to the show
"A Book and a Chat with Swati Avasthi"

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"Swati Avasthi"

You can find out more about Swati and her book at:
"Swati Avasthi - Split"

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