Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Tinisha Nicole Johnson

My guest on tonight’s “A Book and a Chat” is Author/Writer/Poet “Tinisha Nicole Johnson”.

Tinisha has come a long way since at the age of eleven she started writing poetry, keeping several journals of these poems, some of which were published in books poetry collection books.

While poetry is still Tinisha’s first love she has produced novels and short stories across many different realms of writing from her first novel “Searchable Whereabouts” A mystery novel about a woman is trying to unravel the mysterious death of her beloved uncle. To her latest production “Lessons Learned: Loving Yourself as a Black Woman

During the show Tinisha shared with us how “Lessons Learned” came about, the inspiration behind the writing and the hope she has that this book will help others.

A self help book, “Lessons Learned” addresses ten life lessons into a woman’s most intimate and professional life, while emphasizing the importance of self-love. The book touches on issues of happiness, self-love, a woman’s worth, family and more. Although the book caters mostly towards women of color, it is a book that any woman can benefit from. With powerful tips, messages, and suggestions it is, as Tinisha hopes a book that can help many.

During the show many area of Tinisha’s writing and work were discussed including what she is currently working on. So why not sit back and enjoy today’s “A Book and a Chat with Tinisha Nicole Johnson” or else download the mp3 and listen at your leisure.


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"A Book and a Chat with Tinisha Nicole Johnson"

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"Tinisha Nicole Johnson - Lessons Learned"

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