Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Bruce Sheiman

My guest today on "A Book and a Chat was Bruce Sheiman chatting about his beleives and his book which came out last year called "An Atheist Defends Religion".

Bruce is an atheist, or as he calls himself an aspiring theist. But he thinks religion is great. In fact, he thinks it's better than great. He thinks people have produced their greatest civilizations and achieved their greatest humanity through religion. And he thinks his fellow atheists who say religion is poison are being intellectually dishonest charlatans. And, best of all, he's got the guts to say so.

Bruce explained during the show that the very loud atheists writing books don't speak for the all people with such beleives. Bruce explained how he's sympathetic to religious aspirations, just hasn't experienced God himself. This is what lead him to write "An Atheist Defends Religion".

The show covered many grounds and layers of both hunman nature and religius believes, from how the world was fromed to the advantahe of having a jewish/Christian parentage.

So why not sit back and listen to a fasinating thirty minutes as I chat with Bruce Sheiman on todays "A Book and a Chat".


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"A Book and a Chat with Bruce Sheiman"

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Bruce Sheiman said...


Thank you for having me on "A Book and a Chat." I love your interview format and wish everyone were as gracious a host as you are. Thanks again.

Bruce sheiman