Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Lucha Corpi

Poet, novelist, and children's book writer Lucha Corpi was my guest on “A Book and a Chat” today. Lucha is one of those people who have lived such interesting lives and produced such a myriad of different literature that chatting to her for thirty minutes only scratched the surface of this ladies talent.

Born in in a small town in Mexico called Jaltipan in the state of Veracruz, Lucha made her way as a young bride to Berkeley, California, arriving in 1964 when the hippy movement was flowing through the west coast. As Lucha explained to us during the show, she found it strange that these people thought it was “far out” to be walking around barefoot, whereas to Lucha it was just like being back in her home town.

From those early days Lucha started producing poetry, becoming a firmly establish Chicana poet with her book Palabras de Medioda/Noon Words. During the show we learned how Lucha writes her poetry in Spanish and her novels in English, though this first book has been translated into English by Catherine Rodriguez-Nieto.

From the poetry start, my guest went from a children book to then write novels, about her favorite subject of mystery. During the show Lucha shared with us, how her love of mystery and crime desended from reading to her father, except for the one “local crime page” which her father took out of the paper before the young girl could read it.

Since then Lucha Corpi has gone from strength to strength with the fourth book in the Gloria Damasco series coming out the end of last year called “Death at Solstice: A Gloria Damasco Mystery” coming out the end of last year.

With such an interesting an entertaining author the show just sped by, so why not sit back and listen to thirty minutes of pure enjoyment as I share “A Book and a Chat with Lucha Corpi".

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