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A Book and a Chat with Michelle and Trish - "Book Blogger Convention"

There is not normally a show on a Sunday, but sometimes when you have a special guest or you are talking about a special even you just have to put an extra show. Tonights show was one of those special events.

My guests tonight on "A Book and a Chat" were Michelle (Galley Smith) and Trish (Hey Lady Whatcha Readin’), two of the people behind a wonderful event being held in New York in May of this year.

These two ladies along with Amy (My Friend Amy), Natasha (Maw Books), Nicole (Linus’s Blanket), Pam (Mother Reader), Rebecca (The Book Lady’s Blog) are the powers behind this the first annual “BOOK BLOGGER CONVENTION”.

The event was first announced to the blogging community back at the start of this year, though word had already escaped that on Friday May 28th, 2010 in New York City the first annual Book Blogger Convention will commence.

As we heard during the show, this was just the start, as the event got more and more exposure, the numbers of those wanting to attend grow. Being recognized and officially affiliating with the BEA (Book Expo America) enabled the Book Blogger Convention will be held directly at the Jacob Javits Center alongside BEA .

Providing more space, contacts with authors, and being able to bundle a joint badge for both the Bea and the BBC (not the English one but the Book Blogger Convention).

A Michelle and Trish shared during this fascination show; the event has just grown, with some of the hardest parts being to actually choose the various panelists and moderators for the event. These will cover subjects from “Marketing” to “Professionalism and Ethics in Blogging”. As well as these panels and guests Trish and Michelle also shared with us during the show that Maureen Johnson would be the keynote speaker for this first annual Book Blogger Convention.

Maureen Johnson is the author of books such as Suite Scarlett and 13 Little Blue Envelopes. A frequent blogger and a regular on the social media scene Ms. Johnson will also give participants an insider’s view of the publishing industry and its relationship with digital media.

As well as the actual BBC, there will now also be a chance for authors, bloggers, publishers and anyone who happens to be at BEA that day to meet at the “The Book Blogger Convention Reception”. This will be on Thursday May 27th from 4-6pm at the Jacob K. Javits Center (room to be announced later). It is open to anybody who wants to attend, costing $20 for which you get snacks, networking and chance to meet cool authors and bloggers alike.

As we chatted through an enjoyable hour about the event, it was obvious to see that this will be one trip to New York that even I’m not going to miss. Just meeting bloggers, authors and people from the industry, being able to share the knowledge and experience across all subjects and genres, will I’m sure be a chance not to miss.

So check out, for all the details about this great event.

If you head for Jacob Javits Center in New York on May 28th (Registration will begin at 7:30am, and the convention itself will start at 9:00am) I for one, will see you there.

So why not stop by and listen to "A Book and a Chat with Michelle and Trish - "Book Blogger Convention" or else down load the file and listen at your conveniance.


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"A Book and a Chat with Michelle and Trish - Book Blogger Convention"

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"Book Bloggers Convention"

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