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A Book and a Chat with Suzanne Palmieri

Every so often I get contacted by or have the name of a new author sent to me to see if I think they “might be a good fit for the show”. It is rare that I ever say no, however if the author is a fellow Connecticut author and has written a book that seems to be already a “must read” for many, then you know I will have the author as a guest on my first available slot.

The name Suzanne Palmeiri was sent to me by a previous guest, when I read “absolutely amazing” and “close to perfection” and “magical” I knew that Suzanne would be on the shows first available slot.

Suzanne is a blast of fresh air on the literary map, and her debut novel “The Witch of Little Italy” is a book that has already international. At the same time as Suzanne was snapped up for a two book contract, she also received a contract for “I’ll Be Seeing You,” co written with Loretta Nyhan under the name of Suzanne Hayes which will be released in May.

About “The Witch of Little Italy” (taken from Dream World Book Reviews)

The Witch of Little Italy is the first novel by author and essayist Suzanne Palmieri.

Eleanor "Elly" Amore is pregnant with the baby of her evil and abusive boyfriend. Desperate for support and a fresh start after her theater-actress mother leaves her to deal with her pregnancy alone, Elly decides to reunite with her estranged aunts (all of whom are rumored to practice witchcraft) at their Bronx family home.

Although Elly knows in her heart that she loves her aunts, her memory is fuzzy about the time she's spent with them, and she cannot recall exactly why her relationship with them is estranged.

Upon arriving at her aunts' home, Elly is instantly reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Anthony, who also lives in the building. As Elly makes herself at home, she begins to blossom and thrive under all the love she receives. However, ghosts and mysteries dwell in and around the Amore home, putting Elly and her fuzzy memory to the test as she embarks on learning more about her past.

That same reviewer described the book thus…

If I had to use one word to describe Palmieri's debut, it would be "magical." Everything about The Witch of Little Italy screams magic as you read it, and the more you read… the more mysterious and magical this book becomes.

The book is story telling at it’s finest, on par with the classics of our youth.

As  Romantic Times Magazine wrote about "The Witch of Little Italy"…

"Suzanne Palmieri's enthralling debut will make adult readers nostalgic for beloved books from their childhoods. Abundant with secrets, hidden passageways, magic and several enchanting mysteries, it'll keep you on the edge of your seat until the end. The magic and witchcraft elements are subtle, enhancing the over-all effect of this clever, beautiful novel."

With a second book already in the editing stage and the soon launch of I’ll Be Seeing You” The name of Suzanne Palmieri should be on your “must read” list.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Suzanne Palmieri


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