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A Book and a Chat about The 30th RT Convention with Brenda Jackson and Guy Cote

Back in the 70’s Kathryn Falk decided to write a reference book entitled LADIES OF THE KNIGHT. While in the process of tracking down publishers, booksellers and authors, and compiling profiles and information, she discovered there was no way of knowing what books were coming out, when and where they would appear, which ones were best, who the authors were or how to write them. As she recalls, "Historical romances by Barbara Cartland, Rosemary Rogers and Jennifer Wilde were selling million of copies, she knew there had to be thousands of women, maybe more, who were curious about this type of reading. This was the start of what has “RT Book reviews”.

Romantic Times are the undisputed experts at reaching romance book lovers and creating a promotional medium for publishers and authors for the sale of even more romances started in the 70’s. Today RT BOOK REVIEWS Magazine reviews every romance published and rates it but it also reviews over 100 books in various other genres.

Next week sees the literary world headed to Kansas City for “The 30th RT Booklovers Convention" which will host over 1000 readers and 400 Bestselling authors.

Today I was lucky enough to have two of the authors who will be appearing at this wonderful event as guest on “A Book and a Chat”, to chat about the convention and their own books.

Brenda Jackson is a mutli award winning author, with a 100 books to her name several of which have gone on to be made into films, next week will be her 15th RT Convention. She is the first African-American romance author to make USA Today’s Bestseller’s List and the New York Times Bestseller’s List for the series romance genre. Her books have such a following she hosts her own cruise for her “literary family”.

Writing several different series she is scheduled to release almost a book a month this year with “A Brothers Honor” coming out in June and three more of the Westmorland, romantic western series scheduled over the summer months.

Guy Cote, will be attending his first RT Convention with his debut thriller “Long Live The King” the first in his “Charlemagne Saga”. Like Brenda he will not only be signing copies of his book and chatting to visitors but also be on a few panels and guest speaker events. His book allows him to share his love for history and travel mixed up with suspense, action, adventure… definitely a name for the future!

While the event covers the days there is also plenty to enjoy at night with balls, dances and fun events scheduled every evening providing more time for readers and authors alike to rub shoulders and chat about the wonderful world of “RT REVIEWS”.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat about The 30th RT Convention with Brenda Jackson and Guy Cote


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