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A Book and a Chat with Jordan Maylea Ramirez

On the day of the biggest horse race in England, “The Grand National” it was interesting that my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” has herself an interest in horses. Indeed as we learned during the program, Jordan Maylea Ramirez had “National Velvet” as one of her favorite films when growing up.

With both her parents have always been self-employed, she had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age.  In April of 2005, Jordan picked up her first personal development CD given to her by my mother. At the time she was so embarrassed about what she was listening to that Jordan would quickly switch the sound to a popular radio station each time anyone approached her car. It was at that time that she first became fascinated with the subject of personal development and the impact a personal education can have on a person’s life.

This has not only lead to Jordan to a personal development blog aimed at helping thousands of people reach their God-given potential through a journey of personal development and education, but now to the release of her first book “Lifetime of Achievement”.

About “Lifetime of Achievement”: (taken from luxury reading blog)

Lifetime of Achievement is a small book by many standards but it packs a punch as it includes a ton of information on how to rearrange your life and form your lifetime goals. The author gives information on how readers can make changes in order to create balance and to live the life they have always desired. The advice includes seven steps to this process, which are: clarifying goals, developing a plan of action, getting up and acting on the goals the reader has set right now, facing fears, getting your head straight, adjusting your attitude and developing staying power and perseverance to stay in the game.

These goals are available for anyone to use, and can apply to any life stage. The book offers photos, lists of ideas, and fill in the blank exercises for readers to begin their journey to greatness. Most of the advice is standard fare, but I did especially like the section on facing fears. This section will be good for anyone who has recently faced a job loss and is forced to find a job in a different industry or profession to survive (quite literally) in this economy.

There is a fun technique that includes imagining a road to success and then developing a plan by looking at it backwards. By looking to milestones and benchmarks and knowing what will come next, it is possible to meet the challenges head on and surpass the expectations for winning in life. This approach allows a person to pay attention to the details and it will put that person in a better situation to take advantage of opportunities as they will be (you guessed it) anticipated and expected and therefore manageable.

As one reviewer wrote…

I loved this little book with a great big idea. It was an easy read with simple to follow instructions that made goal setting attainable. I have always been pretty vague about my goals, not any longer. I now have a step by step plan to reach what seemed like only a dream before. I really believe that I can get there now.
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