Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Raven Starr

Playwright, poet, ex-model, interracial romance author, fantasy author, and full time mother, and as I found out neighbor, Raven Starr was my guest on today’s a book and a chat.

Writer of poetry from almost the time she could hold a crayon, Raven went on to produce two plays by the age of fifteen. One “The Wrong Choice” about teens and drugs and the loss that teenagers feel when one of their friends dies from an overdose. Based on the death of a 9th grade friend who dies of an overdose received public acclaim, when put on as a play in New London, also inspiring Raven to write a second play “Running Scared But Free.”

This second play was Raven’s first interracial play or book, a subject that she has brought through her romance novels as well.

During the show Raven shared with us about her many writings, not only the books she has already produced but also what she is currently working on. A Lady who creates across many levels of literature, Raven is one of those people who right whatever subject they feel at the time, so she always has several new pieces of work on the go at the same time.

Her book titles include "FAN-TASY", "Her Smile", "One Night at the Office", "Thieves In the Night" and "The Perfect Match". Then there is her latest novel "Vampire Embrace"

Washed up the shore of a creepy New England town, over run with blood thirsty werewolves, and vampires, Kia is running for her life. Set on her path by a strangely beautiful woman, the last six months of her life is all she knows. Tracking down a nomadic vampire for information and help, Kia runs into trouble in a dark alley. Her savior, Tristan dispatches a worthy foe, but has no clue what he’ll do or how far he’ll go to keep her safe

So sit back and share an educational in inspirational thirty minutes of “A Book and a Chat with Raven Starr


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