Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Book and a Chat with J. Nicole Spencer

My guest today is Jamika Nicole Spencer, though she goes by her middle name of Nicole as that means “Victory” and “People”. This she feels is a mandate for her life, as Nicole who has always been a fighter, standing up for others, now uses her faith and belief to assist people in obtaining victory in their own lives.

Nicole’s first book “Sarah’s Secrets: Exposing the Fear of Submission” is the story of her own journey of learning Godly submission. a book that teaches women about biblical submission.

From a history of her own abusive marriage, this was a topic that she fought with for a long time, as do many women today. Submission is a topic that society has rejected time and time again, yet our Bible teaches it. In the book she reveals three simple but powerful secrets that will help women submit to God first then to godly authority in their lives. Sarah Abraham’s wife is our teacher and four women grow to learn how these secrets can benefit them.

Nicole has come a long way in a short time, starting a business with faith and three thousand dollars in the middle of a recession into a one that has grown 4 times over.

From Christian Touch Media in Forest Hill with a mission to provide multiple outlets of media and marketing for the Christian community, to Redeemed Platinum Wear, a Christian clothing line for men women and children. Along the way intruducing War Call Records to create God inspired music.

Nicole is also the host of “On the Spot” a local radio broadcast a weekly round table panel, recorded in front of a live studio audience, embarking on controversial topics rarely discussed amongst Christians.

So sit back and listen to an enjoyable thirty minutes on today’s A Book and a Chat with J. Nicole Spencer."


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