Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Chad Schimke

My guest on today's 599th "A Book and a Chat" is Chad Schimke the author of "Picker"," Pieces", "Walker" and "Weirder", also Enter Uno, the first in the We are Wildewood series which includes digital art by Solis (

Chad spent a lot of his early years growing up in Northwestern New Mexico and you mix that experience with his current location of San Francisco and you have two vibrant locations that can only enhance ones experiences and provide color for Chad’s work.

Chad pens character driven books that while being paranormal are also filled with a mix of crime, macabre, fantasy and sci-fi there’ even a little romance, all set in iconic settings.

“PICKER” was Chad’s first novel which met much success and reviews such as…

Chad Schimke is a new writer for me ... (he) has the ability to pull us in and we become, in a sense, characters in the story. We find ourselves in the criminal underworld and sit on the edge of our chairs as things are sorted out.

His follow up book "PEICES" received equally glowing reviews such as…

Chad Schimke's book 'Pieces' is a masterpiece of intrigue, suspense and magical spells...and walks you right into the everyday paranormal - and he shows how silently ubiquitous it can be at every turn. Based in the city I am from, San Francisco, reading this book took me back to this city rich in stories and history. The author knows San Francisco inside and out and so, combined with such well-developed characters, complete with a witch and much more, made for such compelling reading.. that I couldn't put this book down.”

With a new book “SECRETS"  a thriller with elements of crime, horror, paranormal and romance soon to be available Chad I’m sure will continue to grow both his audience and his following

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Chad Schimke


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