Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Terrance Aym

There are so many mysteries in our world, or even one might say this world as many people, including Terrance Aym, my guest on todays “A Book and a Chat” believe we are just a small dot in the Multiverse.In his book “Mysteries Of The Multiverse: 25 True Stories From Time And Space” Terrance goes into some of the question and strange incidents of planet earth.

His book has been called “Eclectic, dramatic, exciting..." and includes amongst the twenty five stories items such as…The horror that drove a British sailor mad… The amazing truth about an American base on the Moon…The astonishing story of America’s war against a race of giants… How the genius Nikola Tesla almost destroyed the world…All about a deadly time vortex erupting in Antarctica…Why a Russian engineer claims he has a working time machine…Thomas Edison’s fantastic attempt to speak with ghosts…The evidence for terrifying, giant five foot spiders in the Congo… A Russian spy trawler’s eerie encounter with a deadly ghost ship…and 16 more otherworldly reports that truly are stranger than fiction!

Terrance has stated he rights for two reasons…the first is to entertain and inform his readers; the second, writing gives him personal pleasure.With “Mysteries Of The Multiverse: 25 True Stories From Time And Space” you can add “make you think” to that list.

As one reviewer put it…

This book presents sets of occurrences/encounters from each of four areas: Time, Space, Fiction and Science. The author tells tales of dinosaurs making modern day appearances, blood raining down from the sky, and a ghost making an appearance at a local airport (I read this last one right before going to bed. Not recommended!), among many others.

The author provides links and citations for each story, so that you can read further about the incidents presented if they interest you. In case you are thinking that the author is one of those people who believe every story they hear, the he also tells of myths/legends that have no proof of occurring, or have been debunked.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Terrance Aym


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