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A Book and a Chat with Farrokh Nazerian

Farrokh Nazerian was born in Iran, lived in England and currently resides in Santa Barbara, he has been a journalist, editor, poet, entrepreneur, art collector, developer, and above all, he has been a lifelong student of “knowledge. Now he has also been a guest on “A Book and a Chat”.

His novel “The Last Person Who Saw Farrokh” is in fact a four act play which is well served to show Nazerian’s own passionate exploration of the great questions that haunt Man in his endless search for identity and answers to the big questions of life.

He describes his play’s essence as “Man’s search for salvation and his struggle to find a meaning and purpose for his life. It was also an attempt to `see’ Farrokh, myself.”

The Last Person Who Saw Farrokh” addresses the concept of the Abarmard. To change the world we don’t understand and we are trapped in, “one has to change oneself and recreate oneself as a New Man, a Superior Man, the one that the ancient Persian Prophet Zarathustra teaches us to become, the Abarmard,” Nazerian says. Farrokh declares that everyone “regardless of our race, our gener, our physical or economic condition” can become Abarmard, who is the “Man of Knowledge.”

Nazerian explains that transformation of Man from the “Ape of Reason” to the “Superman of Will” is existential. Abarmard dows not become superior to other men, but only to “himself,” a New Man who will be capable to make direct connection with Life and to “see” the landscape of infinity.

Farrokh tries to explain that concept:

Farrokh: Abarmard is the future of man. He is what man is meant to become … To become Abarmard or a Superior Man is not a luxury; it is a necessity … The only way to achieve equality and to gain our freedom and salvation is to actualize our potential!

As one reviewer put it…

“The Last Person Who Saw Farrokh” invites one to review the play of one's own life. All of us are looking for Farrokh, and will ultimately be frustrated in that search. The secret may be to become him. Wonderful!

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Farrokh Nazerian


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