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A Book and a Chat with Diane Tegarden

It is a welcome return for show number 450 to one of my earliest guests on “A Book and a Chat". Author of a wide range of subjects including: renewable energy, environmental concerns, holistic health, women’s issues, and Native Spirituality and now SCFI… Diane Tegarden.

Diane company FireWalker Publications Inc, was formed in 2004 to promote her passionate, original written works, materials, ideas and creations. She’s a regular contributor for two online content producers, Associated Content and

Her first success came in 2004 with her book “Getting Out Of Limbo A Self Help Divorce Book For Women”, which provided step by step instructions on how to achieve financial and emotional independence in preparation for a divorce. This has gone on to be such a success, as Diane shared during the program it is now going into a second print under the new title “How to Escape a Bad Marriage”.

This publication lead to numerous radio and TV interviews as well as spreading her name among many online publications, not only about the books subject but also about her environmental concerns.

Now in turn it has become part of her new Sci-Fi novel “Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time”, when written it was set in the future but as we learned perhaps some of the thoughts, ideas and happening are already starting to come true…

About “Anti-Vigilante and the Rips in Time”:

Terrax, the Crystal Planet, is an exacting world.

A place where human physical contact is impossible and stepping outside is virtual suicide. The atmosphere is a hurricane of coriolis winds and deadly scattershowers, composed of toxic metals formed into whip-like threads kilometers long. Immense Ocean Domes cover over the toxic sludge where the oceans used to be.

The surface of Terrax is covered in crystalline structures, called the Hives, where only the upper crust lives. No one can survive the raw elements, all must reside inside buildings, vicariously living through virtual reality programming.

To believe the tales of “Olde Earth”, a place where clean water flowed from the sky, where the outdoor air was breathable, and edible food grew out of the ground? These were no more than nestling’s stories, ancient mythology from a distant Time.
Until the Rips in Time occurred…

What happens next changes Terrax forever.

As one review put it…

ANTI-VIGILANTE AND THE RIPS IN TIME is a fascinating science fiction novel where even in a world where life is lived vicariously through virtual reality, murder is commonplace and carried out with extreme emphasis on brutality.

It never fails to amaze me -- the mind of the writers of science fiction, the terminology that is all their own, and a world created with such detail you think you are there.

This book is beautifully written about a place called Terrax (earth in the distant future). A world where human physical contact is impossible and pornography is an addiction Murder a pastime and death just as horrible as it is in any reality.

For me the beauty of the book is the poetry and it is scattered very liberally throughout. All science fiction readers will enjoy this look at a world where the atmosphere is non-breathable and its population looks back in time at the mythology that is earth today.

A unique read by a very talented writer.

With already a prequel to the book already underway as well as another self help book, this time “Budgeting on a Dime” Diane is continuing to share her magic and insite with us readers.

So listen now and share an interesting,and entertaining thirty minutes with my guest Diane Tegarden.

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