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A Book and a Chat with Frances Gilbert

When you have a person who lives in the same area as yourself, is a fellow anglophile, collects tea cups and whose ambition is to own a flock of sheep, then you know that person is a must for “A Book and a Chat

Frances Gilbert from a very early age, often necessitated by long stretches of war time boredom in bomb shelters, listened to family stories, and created her own. Later the sharing of stories with her four children and reading with them beloved books from her own childhood became an ongoing family activity.

It wasn’t until she passed a signpost birthday that she began to write for publication, encouraged by her daughter, Sarah, also a writer, who is the illustrator for the first two books. Frances has published seven children’s books: Turtle on a Summer’s Day, Celeste and Regine in the Rain Forest, To Know the Sea, and A World of Numbers, all with GreeneBark Press; and Goodnight World Outside, Elephant Blue for her own company Frances Gilbert Books.

Her latest children’s book is “The Cookie Thief” written after she retired from her career as teacher, and illustrated by Ben Quesnel who was just starting his teaching career. Although separated by fifty years, the two have made a great team, and “The Cookie Thief” is a book that children will love to read and have read to them.

About “The Cookie Thief”

The Cookie Thief is meant to be enjoyed by parents and kids. It is a delightful story that leads children on the hunt to find the cookie thief.

Thomas is visiting Granny's house when he hears a patter, a swoop and a rush and oh no. "Cookie thief! Cookie thief," Grandma shrieks. Cookies are disappearing, the whole family is in a state of shock. There are no more cookies to be had. People take precautions and start hiding them, "No cookie thief is getting my cookies!" they say. Even the animals are put to work and placed on guard. There are no more cookies to be found anywhere.

It is not just children’s books that Frances produces, her debut adult novel a psychological suspense novel, Where Is She Now? has received some great reviews and is being followed by a second mystery novel “Murder In The Gun Room”

Frances’s books have also been produced by Calibre tapes for blind children in the UK and now she has embarked on a new venture is CDs for children. The first is the wonderfully narrated Stories for Listening, which reveals the truth behind the Loch Ness Monster legend.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining thirty minutes with my guest Frances Gilbert


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