Wednesday, December 7, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Ericka Williams

My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is Ericka Williams an author, actress, teachers and so much more. Always a great guest Ericka previously shared with us on a show about her books “All that Glitters” and “Shining Star” which were dedicated to her sister, as well as her “A Woman Scorned” series of which at the time of the last show book two “A Woman Scorned 2- Family Ties” had just come out.

Now Ericka is back with something new, “The Robbin Hoods”, a story based on actual events she was told first hand, that she realized she had to write, to share and to show there are two sides to every story.

About “The Robbin Hoods”

The Robbin Hoods are burglars. They are hood stars who are living the good life splurging their money on women, fast cars, jewels, nice homes, trips, and drugs. Chance was from Brooklyn. His mother moved him and his siblings to New Jersey for a better life. They moved to the suburbs where the dangers and crime of city life were not supposed to exist. Very early on his family learns that the have-nots are surrounded by those who are successful; as opposed to the projects where everyone is struggling. Chance chooses a life of robbery to support his mother and siblings. The "crew"started out robbing houses in their town and the surrounding working class and middle class towns.

What started out as a petty crime with teenagers who would cut school and break and enter into houses, on foot, turned into a multi-million dollar empire when the crew took their craft to a higher level. They graduated from boys to men, who made millions of dollars when they began venturing into exclusive upper class neighborhoods. The story is about the unattainable "American Dream", when the only dream hopeless and uneducated men have is to steal someone else's "Dream Come True ".The Robbin Hoods is about what happens when you take from others, instead of building your own

Ericka also shared with us that book three of “A Woman Scorned- Déjà Vu” will be out early next year as well as the next step up in her acting career with her appearance in the movie “Pitbulls in a Skirts” hopefully coming out in 2012.

Meanwhile her writing career is just going from strength to strength, as one reviewer wrote about The Robbin Hoods and Ericka’s writing…

Growing up in the hood is one thing because everyone around you basically have what you have. When you move to an area where people have more then you, you often want more because you see more. So Chance Major did just that by joining forces with what the FBI called "The Robbin Hoods". Chance had opportunity's but he choose not to chase after them. He didn't want to work for it, he wanted it the fast way and now a days most of our young man think that way . The one thing I can say about Chance he gave back to people who needed it. The Robbin Hoods is a story that our young man NEED to read.

Miss Williams did her thing, she brought a message that so many of our Youth need to hear. She's taking a stand and putting it all out there and that's what I LOVE about her books, there is always a message. Good JOB!! Looking forward to your future projects.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Ericka Williams


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