Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Dave Moore

As a father I know the worry that can rush through you at the thought that something might happen to your children, if you lose sight of them in a crowd, if they do not come home at the time they should. No matter what you always have those dark thoughts tumbling through your mind.
Dave Moore my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” went through that and so much more before finding his lost son, but also his faith.

Dave’s son David had been worrying about his first year at college, his grades were dropping and he felt he could not go on, nor could he face his parents and let them know that he was failing them. So he purchased a greyhound bus ticket and left a not e for his parents.

"The Father's Love" tells the true story of how Dave goes on a cross-country search for his missing son.

Becoming increasingly desperate and having done all that is humanly possible without results, what will he do? Who will he turn to? In this amazing true story, you will experience Dave Moore's anguish in going through a father's worst nightmare missing child.

As we heard through the show it is a story of of love hope and the power of prayer.
We learn how through his fear, Dave confronted his soul's emptiness and eventually learned the heavenly Father's Love.

The book is a true emotional rollercoaster.

As one, five star reviewer put it…

No story is better then a real and honest story, and that's exactly what The Father's Love is. A father, on a journey full of fear, questions, and determination, will not rest until his son is found. I know both of these incredible people and knew of this situation before reading the book but was absolutely blown away at how God truly had his hand in all of it. No matter if you have experienced something like this or not, are a non-believer or devoted christian, or have just come across this book by chance, it is truly a moving and profound piece of work.

From one cover to the other you will experience pain, joy, disappointment, hope, determination, faith, and love. I will warn you though, whenever you decide to pick it up and start reading, make sure you have no plans because you will not want to stop reading until the last page is through!

This true story, will have you reaching for the Kleenex as your emotions get churned with every page as you share Dave Moore’s story in “The Father’s Love

So listen now and share an interesting, emotional and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Dave Moore


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