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A Book and a Chat with Terri Giuliano Long

Terri Giuliano Long teacher and author is my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” joins me for another interesting and entertaining thirty minutes of radio.

At high school she planned career more in the visual art side of her creative instincts having always been writing and drawing little stories up to that time, however after taking an advanced writing course; she realized that was what she wanted to do and began writing for the school paper. As they say ”from little acorns might oaks are made” and she later brazenly walked into office of her town paper and asked the editor for a job. At first, she covered sports and other high school news; soon, though she was given her own column. She was just sixteen.

That column was her first paid writing job, and she knew then that the only job she’d ever want would be that of writer.

She later wrote a series of articles in which mothers chatted candidly about their heartbreaking struggles about their drug and alcohol-addicted teens. From these articles and with her own experiences as a parent who knew how it felt to be worried about your children’s welfare and future, her debut book “In Leah’s Wake” was born.

About “In Leah’s Wake”:

The Tyler family had the perfect life - until sixteen-year-old Leah decided she didn't want to be perfect anymore.

While her parents fight to save their daughter from destroying her brilliant future, Leah's younger sister, Justine, must cope with the damage her out-of-control sibling leaves in her wake.

What happens when love just isn't enough?

This mesmerizing debut novel tells the tale of a contemporary American family caught in the throes of adolescent rebellion - a heartbreaking, funny, ultimately redemptive quest for love, independence, connection and grace

Many people agree with the above comments as “In Leah’s Wake” as it has already won awards as a pick for 2011.

As one reviewer put it…

It's hard to believe this book was the author's debut novel. The characters and storyline kept you riveted to the book and you didn't want to put it down. Very true to life story that anyone who is raising or raised teenagers could definitely relate to and see themselves, as parents, in almost the same type of situations. I enjoyed reading about the family dynamics and how each individual's actions affect everyone in the family. Very good read! Great job Terri!

With a second “family” book already underway, we’ll hear more of Terri Giuliano Long – Author.

So listen now and share an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Terri Giuliano Long


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