Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Stephen Beccia

Stephen John Beccia is an avid Stephen King fan and enjoy writing adult horror stories, however that is not why he was today’s guest on “A Book and a Chat”.

Born and Raised in Milford, MA, Stephen has been a local musician for most his life, he started writing stories when he was ten, the first one being his version of Dr. Jekyll. From writing short songs, poems and short stories Stephen moved into publishing with his book “The Treelanders - Journey to the Giants” which was an award winner of iUniverse’s Publishers Choice, and Editor’s Choice.

About “The Treelanders - Journey to the Giants”

‘The peaceful villagers of Treeland have been put under the evil gargoyle’s fire and ice curse. The last dragon—protector to the king—is dying, further crippling the town’s chances to lift the curse. Treeland’s only hope is one remaining dragon egg, but it has landed in the wrong hands and vanished into a forbidden land.

Treelander Avry Blain and his four siblings face their biggest challenge as they travel for the first time into this mysterious land in pursuit of the rare dragon egg. They battle Captain Slaughter and his pirates, and stand head to head with Kildane the warlock and his three greedy giants.’

The book is ideal for any age, with much more than just a story; puzzles, clues, riddles and adventures of all kind. It is a great book full of likable characters that boys and girls and of course adults will love.

As we heard through the program Stephen already has another four of the “Treelander” series on the way, plus another couple of children’s novels in the works, and then of course there is the adult horror…

So sit back and listen to today's interesting and entertaining show as I host "A Book and a Chat with Stephen Beccia".

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