Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Shana Mahaffey

Shana Mahaffey my show guest today has a debut book called “Sounds Like Crazy” which is something today’s show could have been like. The normal Skype connection with headset for some reason just would not connect; perhaps the threat of the 1-2 feet of snow we are threatened with tonight was the issue. Whatever, it left me with a mobile phone which having to have my hands free to hunt the internet etc, meant a mobile phone with speaker on. Not too bad? Well when you’re doing the show from a basement with boilers, furnaces and water pipes making their own orchestral noises it certainly could be “Sounds Like Crazy

Still, as they show “the show must go on” and so it did proving itself to be another truly interesting an entertaining thirty minutes.

Shana thought she had been writing “Sounds Like Crazy” until, as we heard an x-boyfriend upon hearing she’d finally completed and published her book reminded her she’d been writing it for more like twenty years.

Shana shared with us the reason and driving force behind her completion of this her debut novel, as well as what she is currently working on. The main part of the show however was the driving force, story line and what went into her production of “Sounds Like Crazy”, how she writes the ending first and then lets the characters lead her to that ending.

Sounds Like Crazy:

Though she doesn’t remember the trauma that caused it, Holly Miller has Dissociative Identity Disorder. Her personality has fractured into five different identities, together known as The Committee. And as much as they make Holly’s life hell, she can’t live without them. Then one of those identities, the flirtatious, southern Betty Jane, lands Holly a voiceover job. Betty Jane wants nothing more than to be in the spotlight. The rest of The Committee wants Betty Jane to shut up. Holly’s therapist wants to get to the bottom of her broken psyche. And Holly? She’s just along for the ride.

Sounds Like Crazy” is one of those books you end up reading, that perhaps you wouldn’t normally have read, only to find out it’s a total gem, and as for the ending… well you’ll have to read it to find out about that.

So sit back and listen to today's interesting and entertaining show as I host today's "A Book and a Chat with Shana Mahaffey".


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