Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Connie Joy

My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is Connie Joy, author of our newly-released "Tragedy In Sedona". She has been hitting the chat shows and the book promotion trail as the trial of “James Arthur Ray” comes ever closer, and I am thrilled to have her as a guest.

From being raised in a very religious Roman Catholic family, Connie had a near death experience which put her on a lifelong path as a student of spirituality. During a truly fascinating show we discussed such things as past life regression, something I have touched on before in several shows. Connie herself found from learning self hypnosis to try and help with her sleep issues suddenly to discover a past life.
She has belonged to several spiritual groups, including leading a Sylvia Browne study group, and was trained as a Practitioner of Hypnosis with emphasis in past life regres¬sion.

Then after watching the movie “The Secret”, Connie attended one of James Arthur Ray’s seminars in 2007 with her husband Richard and signed up for his Harmonic Wealth Weekend (HWW) event held in February, 2007. Over the next three years, Connie and Richard participated in or volunteered for 27 James Arthur Ray sem¬inars and events.

We heard through the program how what started off as perhaps a path to enlightenment in the end became obvious to be perhaps nothing more than a scam by a super salesman. How the money in hundreds of thousands paid out by people like Connie, instead of going to do good, seemingly found its way into James Arthur Ray pocket.

From walking on fire and glass to the tragic deaths caused at the "Spiritual Warrior" retreat conceived and hosted by Ray at the Angel Valley Retreat Center, Arizona, where two people died and many others were hospitalized after a “Sweat lodge” exercise.

Connie's book is a fascinating read. We learned how attendees, who had paid up to $10,000 to participate in the retreat, had fasted for 36 hours during a vision quest exercise before the next day's sweat lodge. During this vision quest, participants were left alone in the Arizona desert with a sleeping bag, although Ray offered them Peruvian ponchos for an additional $250. With these same items on sale at under $30, it makes you wonder where the money went to... I guess we’ll find out during the trial.

Needless to say this book and Connie life is so fascinating I am as heard during the show trying to have her back for a longer (penciled in for Saturday April 2nd at 11:00am EST) show where we can find out more about her time from the inception of World Wealth Society (WWS), as one of James Arthur Ray’s inner cir¬cle.

So sit back and listen to today's interesting and entertaining show as I host today's "A Book and a Chat with Connie Joy".


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