Thursday, July 15, 2010

A Book and a Chat with Sam Hilliard

One of the things about my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” was that he was baptized on five different occasions—once in the back of a speeding Dodge Satellite—before reaching the age of six months. The family it seems had taken matters into their own hands had worried his father’s procrastination and daredevil driving would prevent the ceremony from ever happening.

Perhaps because of this my chat with today’s guest “Sam Hilliard” started with a phone call that sounded like it was coming from underwater, I did wonder if it was yet another baptism.

However eventually we got sorted and went on to discuss both Sam, and his book “The Last Track” which is the first but by no means the last of the “Mike Brody” series.

So who is “Mike Brody”?

Mike Brody is the man you want, when the one you love is missing. He’s able to tap into the memories and emotional charges left behind by the missing in their tracks and visualize the events that led to their disappearance. The series will follow the adventures of Mike, his ex-wife Jessica and a cast of recurring characters, as he moves from case to case, searching for that mission that will finally heal his childhood wounds.

In this first book The Last Track, Mike is pulled in by the police to help find an asthmatic boy lost in the dense woods surrounding a dude ranch in Montana. An unwitting murder witness, the boy burrows ever deeper into the rugged terrain, fearful of being found. As Mike and a local officer search for the boy, the killer follows them.
While the investigation expands, Mike’s ex-wife, a well-connected journalist, uses her contacts to unravel the truth behind the murder. Her discoveries threaten to snare them all in a treacherous conspiracy.
During the show Sam discussed his journey to publication as well as his plans for possibly another seven books in the series.

So listen and enjoy this entertaining author, on todays "A Book and a Chat with Sam Hilliard""


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