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A Book and a Chat with Tara Sullivan

Today’s show was one of the one hour specials as I chatted to another member of the Class of 2K13 debut midgrade and YA authors. My guest was Tara Sullivan whose debut book “Golden Boy” was released last month.

Where as with most guests on the show I check their bio before hand to get some information I can use during the show, Tara’s life is almost a book in its own right.

Born in Calcutta with her mother’s Irish red hair and pale skin, Tara traveled around South America and the Caribbean with her parents who were international aid workers.  She grow up chatting about international issues and aid requirements at the dinner table and as we learned during the show, was educated via continues collections of books and poetry.

After suffering damage to her eyes from the hole in the ozone over the Andes, her family settled in Virginia, slightly different from Bolivia.

Now a teacher of Spanish in Burlington High School, Massachusetts, Tara’s debut book stems from an article she read about the kidnapping, mutilation, and murder of African albinos for use as good luck talismans. As one who had to hide from the sun and could never blend into a crowd, she wanted to tell the story about what it must feel like to be a kid who has those problems in the extreme. So she wrote GOLDEN BOY.

About “Golden Boy”:  (Taken from authors web site)

Thirteen-year-old Habo has always been different— light eyes, yellow hair and white skin. Not the good brown skin his family has and not the white skin of tourists. Habo is strange and alone. His father, unable to accept Habo, abandons the family; his mother can scarcely look at him. His brothers are cruel and the other children never invite him to play. Only his sister Asu loves him well. But even Asu can’t take the sting away when the family is forced from their small Tanzanian village, and Habo knows he is to blame.

Seeking refuge in Mwanza, Habo and his family journey across the Serengeti. His aunt is glad to open her home until she sees Habo for the first time, and then she is only afraid. Suddenly, Habo has a new word for himself: Albino. But they hunt albinos in Mwanza because albino body parts are thought to bring good luck. And soon Habo is being hunted by a fearsome man with a machete. To keep his life, Habo must run, not knowing if he can ever stop.

As one reviewer wrote…

Tara Sullivan has unbelievable talents and skills. Her book was incredibly riveting, inspiring, and a MUST read for all. I could not put the book down as the wonderful twists and turns enabled the reader to venture into the lives of each of the characters portrayed in the novel. I learned so much about albinism and how it is viewed in other continents particularly those in the various geographical areas of Africa. It is also inspiring to know that her readers can contact the nonprofit organizations working in the field. I look forward to reading more books by Tara.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Tara Sullivan


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