Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Book and a Chat with Rosemary Zibart

Sometimes through one reason or another we have a show that is basically a “no show” where my guest and I do not quite meet. I always try and spend a little time during these aborted shows at least going over the guests books, and wherever possible I try and get the guest back on a future show. Today is one such guest and I am glad we were able to get together and I hope provide another interesting “Book and a Chat”.

Rosemary Zibart has written in almost every media – film scripts, magazine and newspaper articles, picture books, middle-grade and young adult novels, essays, plays, screenplays and most recently websites.  As an actress her favorite role was as the dormouse in Alice in Wonderland which must say something. Rosemary had a career as a TV script writer and journalist before finally getting to work on her long promised book.

Her debut novel was the first in her “Far and Away” series; her children’s story TRUE BRIT: Beatrice Arrives 1940 about a privileged English girl who comes from London to dusty Santa Fe during the war. This book has received some wonderful accolades from not only readers but people who themselves went through the traumatic experience of being displaced from war torn Europe to America.

This debut novel has now been followed up by “Forced Journey - The Saga of Werner Berlinger

About “Forced Journety”:  (taken from Amazon)

Escaping Nazi-controlled Germany, Werner struggles to create a new life in New York City. At least Werner had a goal - get a foothold in America; a place to live, a home. Then Father had promised that he and Werner s little sister would follow. This dimly burning ember of hope lit the boy's path. Along the way Werner meets a charming, mischievous fellow refugee named Anika, uses his fists with neighborhood bullies and makes a friend, Sam, while caring for his new Mutti, Esther.

In Werner s struggle to find a safe home in the U.S.A., he travels across the city from Second Avenue to Central Park to Harlem and back again. Forced Journey: the Saga of Werner Berlinger was inspired by true accounts of children who fled Nazi-held Europe and came to America. The book is the second of a series titled Far and Away, which features young people displaced and relocated between 1939 1945

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Rosemary Zibart


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