Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Book and a Chat with John Valeri

My guest today is not an author, well not yet though I expect sometime though that title will change, he is not a radio show host such as myself, yet he has interviewed and had contact with many authors from famous household names to local debut writers. 

My guest is John Valeri who for the last several years has been the voice of the “Hartford Books Examiner” on 

During this time John has interviewed many authors, writers, publishers, agents and I for one can relate to the power as during my book signing yesterday at “The Big E” I had a both visitor come to talk to me who had read John article about myself on and wanted to come and check me out for himself. John like myself, is a fan of YA literature though as he shared during the show his favorite authors include such names as Marcia Clark.

Chatting during the  show it was interesting to compare the reports and interviews on the “Hartford Books Examiner” to my own on “A Book and a Chat” and how teach us the creators of the articles/radio shows and how much we learn from our guests. 

John was able to share a couple of stories about guests which I for one can well relate to. As I stated at the start John is “not yet” a published author, but “time permitting” (don’t we all know about that pressure) he has a YA thriller underway. 

I am sure with what John has learned along the way and his love for literature that when this book finally reaches the market it will be one not to miss and you can bet when that happens I will try and have John back on the show. 

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with John Valeri


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A Book and a Chat with John Valeri

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You can find out more about my guest at:
"John Valeri - Hartford Books Examiner"

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