Saturday, September 29, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Christina Cody

The shops have already started to load their shelves with Christmas items, and Christina Cody has some books that would be great to add as Christmas gifts also as was shared during the show books that would fit into any junior school library.

While growing up in Alabama, Christina spent many happy hours in her local library where she learned the magic of books. She carried on with this love of storytelling through her work as a middle school teacher and now as an author.

 Her first book which is always popular at this time of year is “The Perfectly Imperfect Pumpkin”. In the book we learn with Amy that every does not have to be perfect, just perfect for you. It is a story based on a moment in time with Christina’s mother.

“A Mother and Daughter visit a pumpkin patch in search of a pumpkin. They leave the patch with an imperfect pumpkin and a lesson in empathy. Imperfects in nature can lead to promising potential”

This was followed by and equally successful book “The Pirate Scope” which is a book about using your imagination as Pete takes a “boring day” into a “pirate day” with the aid of a paper towel tube. The book includes scallywags, a sea hag, and a chocolate chip cookie treasure. The book also and “I Spy” styled book with lots of pictures inside illustration.

Christina’s latest book is one I think is a must for children, libraries and schools, being great reading as well as educational. “Monster Reader” takes you back to Christina’s early library visits. It tells how two children on a trip to the library learn about the best book for word swallowers and book eaters. The children soon discover a monster teacher, monsters devouring books (literally) and how reading can change how you see the world of books. It provides a wonderful story and education which include a specially created recipe for a Monster Cupcake.
So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Christina Cody


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