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A Book and a Chat with Zenaida Roy-Almario

When Zanaida Roy- Almario, my guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” was told that teens and tweens should not be expected ‘to know how to resolve issues and concerns positively and proactively, by a life coach she was upset. Then, when she attended her oldest son’s freshmen college orientation, the dean of admission indicated that the number one thing that incoming freshmen in college do not know how to do is resolve issues and concerns! Whether it is with a dorm roommate, a friend or a professor, young adults are quick to ask someone else to fix the problem versus trying to do it on their own,” On hearing this and with her experience as a daughter, sister, aunt, wife, school volunteer, banking/lending professional and most of all mother to try and help teens tweens and parents.

Zanaida created “BRAGN™ – Be Real And Great Now. Zenaida wrote BRAGN™ as a result of her frustrations, suffering from internal negative self-talk, shyness and lacking self-esteem. Zenaida wanted to provide empowering communication skills that young adults and parents can utilize today, to spare them the trials and heartaches she experienced as a teen and adult. Zenaida has an Associate In Arts in Communications Studies. She also studied various communication programs.

Zenaida realized the tremendous value mentor-ship can bring young adults and parents, which is why she has made it her mission to encourage, inspire and guide them to “Get BRAGN™” to increase their lives’ positive results!

Following this she has now released a great book for all ages titled "Rhymes and Reasons to Inspire Positive and Proactive Communicating Young Adults" is intended as a guide to help young adults live life positively and to the fullest.

About BRAGN (Taken from Amazon):

BRAGN - Be Real And Great Now’s Rhymes and Reasons to Inspire Positive and Proactive Communicating Young Adults acknowledges and supports tween and teen feelings on matters that they face daily, as they try to find their way and develop their roles in this wonderful thing-we call life. The big take away is to inspire, encourage and promote a way of life on being constructive, proactive and living with purpose and intent to increase life’s positive results. There is no better time than to Be Real And Great Now, as young adults. BRAGN has rhymes and reasons to inspire without lecturing.

There are also creative journaling and activities that promote tween and teen ownership on the life lessons learned and action steps to take next. Parents, guardians and other adults that have tweens or teens in their lives can trust BRAGN as a brand that teaches and cultivates a way of living life from the heart. This is a ‘must have’ book in any home, school or public libraries. BRAGN will inspire change, while capturing the heart and soul of each and every reader!

As a parent myself of young children I know how hard it is not just for the children but also for the parents to bring a child up today. With this book a copy of which I am please to say is already being read by me tween daughter help is at hand.

As one reviewer put it…

Author Zenaida Roy-Almario, has created a wonderful resource for Tweens,Teens and Parents. The foundation of this novels is about connecting with your "GREATNESS". The author uses Poetry, Wisdom, Powerful Discussion and Life Experiences to engage her audience. I could not place, "Be Great and Real Now (BRAGN)", down once I started reading it. I encourage all to spend time with this phenomenal read!!!

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Zenaida Roy-Almario


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Hello Barry it was a most enjoyable chat! Thank you for having me on the show and for the blog article! I will definitely share with family and friends about A BOOK AND A CHAT show with Barry Eva. Continued success to you my friend! Please continue to be a blessing to the authors of this world. We really appreciate all that you do for us!flessyn God Bless, Z : )