Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Book and a Chat with Rustie MacDonald

Here are those people in this world whose aim in life is to help people, to make the lives of others better and no matter what is thrown at them, they take the negative, turn it around and use it to aid others. As Eric Idle sang those who “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.
My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is one of those people, who though she had enough suffering and turmoil in her own life, took time and made it her aim to help others.

Rustie MacDonald had this overwhelming desire to help others from an early age. Growing up in the 1980’s she had personal knowledge of queuing up at the Salvation Army for food, yet even at the age of four she had already begun to save food to help the local Salvation Army “feed that long line of people who are hungry.”

Throughout her childhood this compassion and need to help others showed in many ways despite her own life being far from uncomplicated and without its own issues. She began to volunteer for various organizations including Big Brother Big Sister.

In 1996 came a pivotal moment in her life when she was invited by the State Of Vermont’s Children Services (DHS) to Speak at a Foster Care Conference in 1996. She spoke about the difficulty of attending college as a foster child. Her motivational speech was made in front of Legislators, DHS employees and 100 foster youth. Her speech helped to create opportunities for foster children to attend college.
That was the moment she took the first steps on her path as a coach, mentor and lifelong advocate.

In 2005 Rustie was diagnosed with Celiac disease a digestive condition triggered by consumption of the protein gluten, which is primarily found in bread, pasta, cookies, pizza crust and many other foods containing wheat, barley or rye. People with Celiac disease who eat foods containing gluten experience an immune reaction in their small intestines, causing damage to the inner surface of the small intestine and an inability to absorb certain nutrients.

Shocked to find that there was little support, that her insurance did not cover the nutritionist, whom she so desperately needed and the general lack of information to understand how to live with this disease. Instead of giving in Rustie began to fight learning more about the illness sharing with others starting web sites and groups to share her knowledge.

As I started of on the blog, she is a person who was born to help others and her work, radio programs, web sites and teaching do just that.

Soon you will be able to find out more about Rustie and her fascinating life as she has written a book called “Having tea with my Skeletons” , in which she shares some of the darkest moments of her life with her many fans.

So listen now and share an interesting, and entertaining show as I chat with my special guest today on A Book and a Chat with Rustie MacDonald


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