Thursday, September 15, 2011

A book and a Chat with Testimone'

On the shows which are now heading towards number 400, we have covered many differant subjects from various points of view, today I was glad to add some poetry to the list of discussions. Not just poetry but "urban poetry" talking about the sides of life which sometimes we forget.

Testimone' my guest on today’s show has been writing poetry for many years sharing her ups and downs as well as the issues she sees. Now she has published a book called “Voices Inside My Head" (the cry of an urban mom). The book consists of over three hundred pages of words that cover life written in words from the heart.

During the show Testimone’ shared much about her life what lead her to start writing as well as much of has kept her producing such interesting and vivid poems. Written in an uncompromising style, in everyday language there are words that not only touch your soul but make you think as well.

During the show she shared several of her poems with us, and while you can hear those on the show, here is one she did not read…


Would the wild behaviors of my people increase or would
the excruciating pain of today’s victims cease?

Would a cure be another excuse to engage in uncontrollable and non-committed affairs with the estranged by the attraction of a meaningless stare?

- Or -

Would my people open their closed minds and leave their animalistic behaviors behind
in a prayer of forgiveness for their lustful desires?

If there was a cure for H.I.V.

Would we roll around in bed with a one-night stand in laughter
until the sun beams through our vertical blinds the morning after?

- Or -

Would we drink and celebrate in the heat of the moment as if there were no tomorrow
and enjoy the pleasures of body parts we temporarily borrowed,
while neglecting our own personal horror?

Could we as women of power allow our loneliness to die
by putting our abandonment in the dark shadows of our minds
and close our legs to soothe the heat of our most sacred place?

Would our everlasting brothas no longer admire us
as fresh pieces of meat as we parade up and down the streets?
Advertising and surrendering freely what use to be for one man’s eyes to see,
while entertaining in a bedroom of privacy and intimacy.

Unfortunately, THERE IS NO CURE FOR H……I…….V!

There is a cure in educating and controlling ourselves,
protecting and respecting ourselves, and loving and caring for ourselves.
Self-love will spread throughout the universe
and conquer the disease called H.I.V.


Here novel is though provoking from love to drugs, abuse to gun control, so listen now and share an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Testimone'".


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