Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Millie Gonzalez Martelino

Millie Gonzalez Martelino went from fifteen years of teaching, to fifteen years of banking before rising to president and CEO of a very successful mortgage company. All the time her training in literature was pressing her into creating work of her own.

Her experience from those years enabled her to produce her first book “More Cash in Your Pocket Everyday!”, another easy to read book that offers practical, easy solutions to help you keep more of your hard-earned money and rise above living from paycheck to paycheck.

This was followed by a true labor of love writing about one of her own family members in her book “The Forgotten Maestro” a biographical story of romance, betrayal, greed and lust that surrounded the musical genius of Juan de Sahagun Hernandez.

Her mother on her deathbed encouraged Millie to write, and share with the world her own experiences with God and how he can help with personal struggles and challenges in everyday life.

Her latest book entitled "Miraclets: Life's Precious Little Blessings", is a collection of inspiring, faith-infused stories that stress how we humans can get through the most challenging of times in our lives by relying on God and his Divine intervention.

As Millie says…. “My book is about the times in my own life when I needed that extra help, that additional strength, or even supernatural intervention that could fix things for me when nothing earthy or mortal could rectify the situation,” At least, that is the message I want to convey…no matter what happens call for Divine assistance…it might just surprise you.”

Amongst the everyday “Miraclets” that Milie shared with us are stories that range from the simple fact of lost sunglasses suddenly appearing to her favorite chapter in the book, which happens to be the last chapter.

“My mother was on her deathbed and I prayed to Blessed Andre Bessette to intercede for me to have an emissary escort my mother to the hereafter. I did not know much about Blessed Andre at that moment. After a series of occurrences, I was completely stunned to later find out that it was Blessed Andre himself, who came to my mother’s aid in her time of need”

Miraclets is a book that will bring a smile to your face, a tear to your eyes and is a reminder of our Humanity in Faith influenced and guided by a Divine Intervention.

So listen now and share an interesting and entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Millie Gonzalez Martelino".


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