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A Book and a Chat with Melissa Crandall

A fellow Connecticut author and I’m glad to say friend Melissa Crandall is my special guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat”.

Melissa is one of those great people who started writing little stories as soo9n as they could hold a crayon, and as she shared to us, her father recently came across one of her early stories about a dog and a fox, written in pencil with drawings… obviously into self publishing even then.

From those early days Melissa went on to write several different items, her credits include Star Trek novels “Ice Trap” (written in collaboration as L.A. Graf) and “Shell Game,” Quantum Leap novel “Search and Rescue,” and “Earth 2.” She is a contributor to Amoskeag: The Journal of Southern New Hampshire University, The Geranium Farm Cookbook, 5.5BW – Poems and Stories, and Serve It Forth: Cooking with Anne McCaffrey. Her articles have appeared in Animal Watch – the magazine of the ASPCA, NEWN Magazine, Strides – the magazine of the North American Riding for the Handicapped Association, and various newspapers.

Her first book “Darling Wendy and Other Stories” a set of spellbinding stories that which liked a sketched character cover the light, dark and many of the colors in between. One reviewer described it as… “An artful look into the seamy underside of Neverland, the price of eternal youth and the incompatibility of two alien worlds. The "alliance" at the end is indeed surprising and, I must admit, satisfying.

Now Melissa’s latest YA novel “Weathercock” has charged onto the blogosphere, finding a place on numerous bookshelf’s.

About "Weathercock":

Weathercock. The name evokes flames and chaos, and a mythic hero who will one day change the world. Young Kinner - betrayed by those he loves and sentenced to die - knows only one thing: in a world where women hold all the power and men are nothing but property, heroes are hard to come by.

Determined to find a life on his own terms, he flees execution only to discover he knows nothing about survival. Used to relying on others, he dreams of rescue. Instead of the Weathercock, what he gets is Rai and Bayna, mercenary soldiers on the run from the determined (and increasingly psychotic) Commander Remeg.

The last thing they need is to play nursemaid to a half-grown whelp, but a madwoman's dark secret soon ties their fates. For a while, things actually go their way until further treachery casts a dark wing over the travelers. Alone once more, Kinner must discover within the bravery and skill to save not only himself, but also his friends.
And what of Weathercock? Can someone who doesn't even exist appear when Kinner needs him most?

As one reviewer wrote…

Weathercock made me laugh, cry, and kept me on the edge of my seat! My whole family read it! Each of us agreed on one thing, we want MORE! Excellent book!

Well that person wish looks like coming to fruition, as her previous planned work “Call of Blood” seems to have hit a bit of a bumpy road, so she is now, as we heard, starting to create the follow up to Weathercock.

What more can you say about this great book? I’ll let another author/reviewer answer that question…

Melissa Crandall has written a rousing adventure with a unique twist: What...if women were the dominant gender and men were smaller and weaker and considered only good for household chores and procreation? And what...if some people wanted to change that? Crandall has peopled her story with sympathetic and believable characters, and her skill at developing these characters and making them "breathe" is superlative. Even minor characters are developed with uncommon care, and each comes alive on the page. In addition, Crandall's pacing is taut and nearly flawless. This novel is a page-turner! The climax was both surprising and satisfying, and it was delivered with the precision and flare of a gifted writer. --Jim Mastro, author, The Talisman of Elam

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Melissa Crandall".


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