Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Book and a Chat with Carole Eglash-Kosoff.

My guest on today’s “A Book and a Chat” is Carole Eglash-Kosoff, Carol graduated from UCLA spent her career in the apparel industry and teaching fashion retail, marketing, and sales at the college level.

Following the death of her husband, she volunteered to teach in South Africa. In 2006 her first book, The Human Spirit – Apartheid's Unheralded Heroes, which tells the true stories of an amazing men and women who have devoted their lives during the worst years of apartheid to help the children, the elderly, and the disabled of the townships. These people cared when no one else did and their efforts continue to this day. South Africa though is just one of the seventy countries Carole has visited.

She is an avid student of history, and she researched about the decades preceding and following the Civil War for nearly two years, including time in Louisiana, the setting for her novel “When Stars Align”.

About “When Stars Align

When Stars Align, is set in 19th century Louisiana, at a time and place where mixed-race relationships are both illegal and unacceptable. How can these defiant lovers–and their love–survive? The time is a crucial period in American history–the Civil War and the years of Reconstruction following it–and the characters are Thaddeus and Amy, who share a forbidden love that can get them both killed. For he is a mulatto ex-slave, and she is white. In the novel, whenever Amy asks if she and Thaddeus will ever be together, his answer is “When stars align.”

Carole has received some fantastic reviews for her book, as one person wrote…

This is an incredibly well written book about the death of a civilization and the struggles to survive in the new era. Carole Eglash-Kosoff successfully incorporates the primary thoughts of plantation owners, slaves, and visitors in the South to powerfully illustrate in a straightforward manner what plantation life really felt like. The dialogue is simply smashing. The characters are realistic and resonate on a soulfully deep level. She makes you feel what each character felt, especially the love that Thaddeus and Amy have for one another; a love which could have them killed. The end of the story isn't a traditional happy ending, and you will really feel the strong bond Thaddeus and Amy had for one another. Carole Eglash-Kosoff makes you feel sympathetic to people with totally different values from your own, which is by no means an easy feat. When Stars Align should not be missed, particularly for those who enjoy historical fiction.

With a follow up novel “Winds of Change” already in the editing state, I’m sure the name Carole Eglash-Kosoff is one that will continue to be seen on book shelves.

So listen to an interesting and hugely entertaining show as I spend thirty minutes sharing "A Book and a Chat with Carole Eglash-Kosoff"


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